Picnic with a Presidential Candidate in Walton County

If there is one thing in this world I love, it’s being home in Walton County, Georgia.  I stopped in to visit family this past weekend and basked in the sunlight, saw a few friendly faces, and frankly- the air is just sweeter out there.  Now if your life has not yet been completed with a visit to God’s country, then here’s your chance.

The Walton County Republican Party and their ever-gracious Chairman, Mr. Roy Roberts will be hosting their annual barbeque on May 26th, from 5pm-8pm.  It is one of the largest Republican events in the state.  Politicos and the populace sweat alike in the sun, red clay, and gravel so leave your ties and heels at home- the event is VERY casual and hotter than hell.

This year will feature a visit by Governor John Kasich, a 2016 Presidential hopeful.  Come by, meet him, and say congratulations to Representative Bruce Williamson, newly minted Caucus Secretary and Treasurer.

Individual tickets are $15.00 and a table of 9 $180.00.  Visit: waltoncountygop.com for purchase of tickets and please tell Mr. Roberts Scarlet sent you.

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