The West End: The New Atlanta Frontier

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When the Blank Foundation and the Cathy Foundation come together in Georgia, you know it’s probably a big deal.  Or, at least I thought so and didn’t hesitate to pull up a seat at the table.  For those readers outside of Atlanta (or even for a few inside) the two foundations have come together to redevelop the West End.  Do not be confused.  This is not what is currently referred to as the “Westside”, or “West Midtown”, or even the one I love the most- “West Buckhead”.  No.  That area is chic, has a hot real estate market, and tons of young families moving into the area.  No, this is the West End- Atlanta Metropolitan Parkway, the Salvation Army College area, Adair Park.  This is where city streets converge in strange curves at Northside Drive and Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard behind the World Congress Center.

While attending a fancy-schmancy dinner a while back, I ran into a high school friend, who sits on the board of a local non-profit located within the West End (  I had heard a bit of buzz about this area, and know of a few folks who’ve recently moved there as the housing prices are much more affordable.  I learned at this fancy pants dinner that the Cathy Foundation and Blank Foundation were coming together to revitalize it by investing in the already existing nonprofits and community centers there.  I was curious.  Continue reading “The West End: The New Atlanta Frontier”


I have recently had the joy of attending a number of forums, meetings, discussions, and roundtables regarding policy in Georgia.  I recognize a lot of folks may not enjoy these, but I definitely do.  I like to build consensus, I like having multiple voices heard, new ideas vetted, and innovative solutions considered.  I attend these sort of events to learn, sometimes to share, and most importantly to connect in an area of interest I have, both for the benefit of my clients and (my aspiration) for the benefit of my state.

Unfortunately, I also attend meetings that could have been handled in an email, attend forums that are a waste of time, and discussions that are more echo chambers than actual conversation.  As a result, I thought it might be helpful for me to identify for others what makes a compelling, interesting, and well organized meeting or forum.  Consider this your free #protip.


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Jackson Pollock Painting

Miscellaneous.  Adjective.  Consisting of a ​mixture of ​various things that are not usually ​connected with each other.

It is the miscellaneous threads that intertwine within us which makes us unique individuals.  It is these strings that allow us to blend with others from various walks of life with whom we would not normally interact.

Through following these spools of interest with my nose to the ground, sniffing out my next story like a hound dog looking for it’s next game, I find myself discovering more things about myself and my playground, Atlanta, GA.

This city captivates me on a daily basis with thriving arts and entertainment, business hubs, and a collage of people from so many walks of life I feel like I am in a living Jackson Pollock painting. Crazy, yes, but full of wonder, color and interpretation.

So I aim to capture this in my own writings. My blog Up Next ATL follows the paths and streams that I slip into and shares everything that this wonderful city has to offer. I hope that you will join me.