Jackson Pollock Painting

Miscellaneous.  Adjective.  Consisting of a ​mixture of ​various things that are not usually ​connected with each other.

It is the miscellaneous threads that intertwine within us which makes us unique individuals.  It is these strings that allow us to blend with others from various walks of life with whom we would not normally interact.

Through following these spools of interest with my nose to the ground, sniffing out my next story like a hound dog looking for it’s next game, I find myself discovering more things about myself and my playground, Atlanta, GA.

This city captivates me on a daily basis with thriving arts and entertainment, business hubs, and a collage of people from so many walks of life I feel like I am in a living Jackson Pollock painting. Crazy, yes, but full of wonder, color and interpretation.

So I aim to capture this in my own writings. My blog Up Next ATL follows the paths and streams that I slip into and shares everything that this wonderful city has to offer. I hope that you will join me.

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