Superbowl 50: The Ladies’ Political Platform

Super_Bowl_50_Logo.svgSo there was a little football game this past weekend.  Not sure if you caught it, but in the midst of the pigskin throwing, the millions of dollars in ad buys and the simple joy of watching Peyton Manning win again, there was a little political statement made by a couple of ladies in unexpected ways.

For beginners, Lady Gaga, who is known for her outlandish costumes, audacious lyrics, and unwavering support of the LGBT community gave an outstanding rendition of our nation’s anthem.  She stood (all 5’1”) in a simple yet sparkly pantsuit and sang her heart out in a performance that brought many unexpectedly to tears.  She was the picture of modern grace and patriotic pride in her red pantsuit (reminiscent of a certain female Presidential candidate) and simple stud earrings.  Her eye makeup, nail color and shoes were the only hints of stepping out of line with the outfit otherwise à la Jackie O with a modern twist.  The element of surprise here was not then what she was wearing, but how powerful her voice and presence is without adornment.  Implicitly, this nation building moment also highlights the changes in the country since we last gathered for this game- the SCOTUS ruling of marriage equality.

Maybe it was just a song, or maybe this was a platform for a much larger statement on how we define ourselves as Americans. Continue reading “Superbowl 50: The Ladies’ Political Platform”