Charleston: The Struggle of Southern Identity

CharlestonThe unfolding story of the tragedy in Charleston has struck a chord in this nation.  Whether you are black, white, believe this to be a terrorist act, hate crime, are Western, Northern, Southern, God-fearing, atheist, young or old, there is a wrongness here that can never be righted in the killing of congregants in a peaceful house of worship.  No matter the intent, the ramifications and consequences of the actions taken in Charleston leave us with more questions than answers and more mouths gaping than resolute.

As of late, the national news has reflected the existing spiral of hate, pain, strife, and brutality that churns through discussions of race and gender.  We speak of Caitlyn Jenner, Rachel Dolezal and their identity.  For me, the discussions of Ferguson, Caitlyn, Rachel, and McKinney has created a vacuum that has sucked all the positive air out of the room and personally leaves me with the question of “Who are we?”

Who are we? As a nation? As a region? As a people?  Who are we becoming and what are we doing to contribute to or detract from the aspirations we share? Continue reading “Charleston: The Struggle of Southern Identity”