Mad Men: a Primer in Tokenism for Politics in the Peach State

Sunday night’s Mad Men series finale ended with a nod to history’s ever-evolving gender revolution.  Peggy got her man and her job and Joan made a choice I’ve had to make a few times over: career over the doting s.o.   In between the cigarette smoke and chauvinism, the ladies took their licks and realized their own ambitions-some that were bigger than the commitment of marriage.  As their characters represented paving the way for women in the workplace, the show did (IMHO) a decent job of recognizing their struggle in the 60s.  Isolated in the workplace, dealing with the tension of other women trying to clip their wings and still yet aspiring to marriage and family, these female characters represented the tokenism that exemplifies any transition in an organization.  I would also say the show is a great primer on politics in the Peach State, only now the transition has moved beyond just women, but thanks to Mansell McCord, it includes openly gay men in the GOP.

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